Thursday, 7 April 2016

Teleconference Highlights for GIS Mapping

Teleconference Highlights for
GIS Mapping
Mobile app
Infrastructure in schools
UDISE Data integration
HMs upload their school mapping prescribed photos
Teachers information will be updated by MEOs&HMs before April 23, 2016 in childinfo website

GIS MAPPING Upload Photos
1 School building
2 Compound wall
3 Toilets
4 Drinking water
5 Electricity
6 Kitchen shed
7 Library
8 Science lab&Computer lab(HS)

�Username: U-dise code
Pwd: Childinfo password
GIS mapping app
aavailable from Monday onwards
in Google Play store/
To download app

Geographic Information System

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, integrates, data, hardware, software and GPS to assist in the analysis and display of geographically referenced information.

GIS is a general term that refers to any scientific effort integrate data to help researchers visualize, analyze, and explore geographically referenced information. For example, GIS is helping researchers measure the speed of glacier melting in Greenland and Antarctica.

GIS can assist in the analysis of small-scale and localized data, as well, such as development trends, or watershed analysis.

The field of GIS has advanced rapidly in recent years, with the availability of rapidly increasing computer power, development of software, and proliferation of inexpensive GPS devices.

GIS Electronic mapping can serve as a powerful educational tool in the instruction of classroom students and in the administration of campuses and school districts. Electronic mapping’s availability in the educational setting is because of the accessibility of geographic information systems (GIS) that provide mapping and cartography functions in a cost-effective manner. The appropriate integration of GIS can strengthen the teaching of essential elements in geography and social studies as well as address school administration issues (e.g., facilities planning, bus routes).



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